Whoever YouToob user Phil More is he, he has been quietly uploading videos of cam girls sneezing—and nothing more—for over a year now. The women are, for the most part, entirely clothed and the videos only last the length of the sneeze.

Just shy of 700,000 views, he has videos like “Quiet Double” and “She’s A Stifler,” which is obviously part of some sneeze fetishist circle and, all things considered, isn’t that weird.

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OK, so it’s totally weird, but the point is don’t get so high and mighty. But what’s weirder is the general practice of fetish communities escaping YouToob’s damning censorship policies just by virtue of being, well, very hard for (most) people to jack off to. And not having nudity, I guess.

You only have to read the comments on some of these videos, such as this one, to understand: “I like to see sneezing girls who wear glasses. Not only was this girl wearing glasses, you got her to sneeze in her underwear. Great video!”

Well, OK then.

In addition to sneezing videos, there’s stuff like videos of bellies growling, people burping and people stomping around in the mud. All of these links are Safe For Work™ probably but how can we say that? We don’t know where you work! Who knows what’s safe and what’s dangerous! Anyway, read the comments on videos like this and it becomes pretty clear how this is turning some people on. Especially this one from user CigarCoach smoking a pipe while dressed like a Party City Cop. We’ll let you click over there if you want to learn more.

All of this is very interesting, huh? I mean, that’s really the only reason we’re sharing these videos with you. Because they are mildly interesting, not to make some broader statement about how people get their rocks off, even if they are hilariously skirting some grey line in YouToob’s terms of service, nor are we trying to normalize certain preferences, and we certainly don’t get off to this stuff, nosireee, our tastes in sexual behavior are so vanilla you have no idea. Please stop looking at us that way.

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