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The Tattered Remains of Costică Acsinte's Ghostly Photographic Plates

The Tattered Remains of Costică Acsinte’s Ghostly Photographic Plates

Romanian Costică Acsinte (1897-1984) was an official war photographer during the first Great War. After he was discharged, he opened a studio in Slobozia. In 1985, around 5000 of Acsinte's glass plates (developed between 1935 and 1945) were purchased by the Ialomița County Museum, who began to digitize them in mid-2013.
PHIXATIVE - Joseph Abbruscato's Salton Sea Excursion

PHIXATIVE – Joseph Abbruscato’s Salton Sea Excursion

This week’s photos come from Joseph Abbruscato who slunk down to the Salton Sea in Niland, CA. He tries to make a yearly pilgrimage there to document the decay of the, well, decay.