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"The Secret History of Twin Peaks" Keeps The Mystery Alive

“The Secret History of Twin Peaks” Keeps The Mystery Alive

Our reviewer reads "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" about America's favorite small town. Is the book as good as the coffee and pie? Read on and find out.
Exclusive: Excerpts from Troy Farah's New Zine, 'Lilliputian.'

Exclusive: Excerpts from Troy Farah’s New Zine, ‘Lilliputian.’

de'Lunula Media are proud to present our latest zine: Lilliputian, by Troy Farah. It's 22 pages of poems, flash fiction and other manic-depressive scraps. Read some of it here, then go pick up a copy. It's available here at our brand new store.
A Round Robin Story About Death And Stuff

A Round Robin Story About Death And Stuff

This story was passed between regular de'Lunula contributor Troy Farah and Hollywood™ director Trevvor Riley. It's short. Read it and get some literature flowing thru those veins.