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On Blast: Your Favorite Music Wouldn't Exist Without This Music

On Blast: Your Favorite Music Wouldn’t Exist Without This Music

Rock would not exist without blues. Blues would not exist without slavery. Racial inequality would not exist without white people. If that’s the way you justify the belief that rock ‘n roll was birthed by The White Man, well, then shit, I can’t really argue with that logic.

Girl Band – “Paul”

Do people in animal costumes always make you sad for some unexplainable reason? Then maybe you should watch this video anyway, overcome your irrational sadness triggers.
De'Lunula Exclusive -- Nick Martin's "Black Boots"

De’Lunula Exclusive — Nick Martin’s “Black Boots”

The song is pretty catchy. It features some cool flipbook animation where a chick runs over a pedestrian and also someone gets set on fire.