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'FLESHER' — A Nightmarish Acid Trip Tribute to Max Fleischer

‘FLESHER’ — A Nightmarish Acid Trip Tribute to Max Fleischer

de'Lunula is happy to present one of our darkest, weirdest films yet.
Fathers Day – 'Disney World' (Music Video Premiere)

Fathers Day – ‘Disney World’ (Music Video Premiere)

Filmed at the Trunk Space just months before its closure, the video features the Dads destroying a bowling alley, lighting off fireworks, and smashing faces in cake.
'To The Left,' the Old Dance Craze That's Not Sweeping the Nation

‘To The Left,’ the Old Dance Craze That’s Not Sweeping the Nation

You know what the Urkel, the Twist, the Shoulder Lean, the Stanky Leg, the YMCA and the Chicken Noodle Soup all have in common? Supreme suckitude. And yes, all those fucking idiotic crazes are 100% real — look them up yourself.
Ari Lesser - Give Thanks

Ari Lesser – Give Thanks

Finally, another song besides Adam Sandler's schlocky fucking joke.
Austin Leonard Jones - 'Juarez'

Austin Leonard Jones – ‘Juarez’

自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』

自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』

Hey kids, ever wonder what it would be like to work for a TV station in Japan?
Kali Uchis - 'Loner'

Kali Uchis – ‘Loner’

How is she so sexy, yet self-respecting? How is any of this possible?
Holly Herndon - Morning Sun

Holly Herndon – Morning Sun

Don't you just adore music videos with wastelands? Especially when the music sounds like a weathered cassette tape that disintegrates the moment you put in the last Sony Walkman® on earth, the last time music will be heard before the sun balloons supernova-style and every trace of humanity is evaporated...
Watch Gorky's Super Weird, 'Flintstones'-Themed Music Video for "Super Drunk"

Watch Gorky’s Super Weird, ‘Flintstones’-Themed Music Video for “Super Drunk”

Here's a song called Super Drunk by a band called Gorky accompanied by a video of the Flintstones et al. being degenerates.
No Volcano - 'The Long Game' (Music Video Premiere)

No Volcano – ‘The Long Game’ (Music Video Premiere)

De'Lunula Media, in partnership with Vanishing House Productions, are thrilled to present our latest visual offering: No Volcano's "The Long Game." A music video loosely based on "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" by Hans Christian Andersen, this ominous rabbit-hole trip combines shadow puppetry with taxidermic beetles and kaleidoscopic disasters.

Girl Band – “Paul”

Do people in animal costumes always make you sad for some unexplainable reason? Then maybe you should watch this video anyway, overcome your irrational sadness triggers.
No Volcano -- "New York Drugstore" (Video Premiere)

No Volcano — “New York Drugstore” (Video Premiere)

de'Lunula Media is proud to present our latest music video, featuring psychedelic disco heads, cross-dressers reading poetry backwards, and telephones.