Writing new things can be challenging, difficult, dismal, miserable, even. Writing may be joyful, wrathful, or any blend of thought and emotion conceivable. Able to be written as it must be, infinity describes everything that is. We understand the Universe to be infinite. However, it must be made clear exactly what this universe thing is anyway. Well, it’s everything that is in existence right now, right?

Well that’s a start. Ready? Set, Go! What’s a moment anyway? A snapshot in time that is absolutely everything that is right then.

Time is a funny thing. Clocks tick clock-wise for a reason, didn’t you know? Well, see, it has to do with math. (Heh, if you say math with a lisp it sounds like mass) We’ll make this one easy. What’s up? People ask that rather frequently, don’t they?

I wonder if they know that up is a relative direction based on perspective in hyperbolic three dimensional spin, and that up is constantly changing. So, really it is a wise thing to be trying to find out where, or rather what someone else thinks is up. Then, from your relative perception of their up, you can know what’s up for yourself. This gets extremely complicated here, as English is so vague and can be interpreted so many radically different ways; have more than one meaning when written, and then it gets even more complex when spoken.  So, Sew the read thing through the blew string thing, know that “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” I am up to Know the Good, see?

If you understood any of that, congratulations, you passed! If you fully got everything that was said there whelp, shoot. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. It’s just how I feel right now, lonely and so far away from everything else yet knowing I am part of everything else so why should I be feeling anything anyway? Do consciousness and free will even exist? Evidently Consciousness is, as it is defined anyway. Free will, on the other hand? Well every choice we’ve made already has brought us here right now, and did we do it on purpose in order to be right here right now?

I’m sure someone else has said this before; you know that saying, the whole thing that goes something like, “Be here now, now be here, here now be.” We see the cyclical nature of this Universe thing quite clearly here. Like, it had no beginning, will have no end, but it sort of created itself it seems.

This is the point where my head splits open, spurts all colors of parakeets, iguanas, kangaroos and turtles all over the room, whatever “Room” is. No one single one of us could understand everything that is, or at least express it all at once.  That’s my theory, anyway. Every single thing “Chooses” where it is when it’s there why it’s there. As a human being, I feel terribly large and frighteningly tiny all at once. Maybe everything feels this way. What is a “Feel,” anyway?

Is it a “Thought that’s heavy, man?” Well yeah, sort of. It’s relatable to how all colors have differing wavelength frequencies yet all travel at the same time. Thought can be perceived as “Moving faster” than feeling, as a feeling can seem to cause (Or be faster than) action. Yet, we as human beings quite literally everything in existence is happening all at once.

From this point a question arises, like, “Does everything I do matter anyway?” Well, YES. It does, it did, it will. It’s just too complex of a “Machine” that everything and everyone is a piece of to possibly describe why anything happens ever.  Mysterious mysteries and riddles with no correct answer but the right one, the one answer known by the one asking the riddle! Can you imagine nothing? No, because then it becomes something you imagined. Nothing Matters. Everything matters. That is all for now, folks.

Kenan Laprath is an imaginaut, delving deep into strange imaginary places on a somewhat consistent basis whose goal is to improve humanity by constantly learning and sharing that information in a mildly radical way. He is a musician, poet, astrologer, counselor, Head Chieftain of Harmonious Juju, and all around fun guy, amongst other things.

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