Coming up with a name for a publication is fucking hard. We chose de’Lunula because it was an original word (read: easy to Google) that sounded cool and intriguing (to us.) But you, our audience, have graciously spoken. And the name sucks. It’s hard to spell, it’s hard to remember, it means essentially nothing, and most of all, NO ONE CAN PRONOUNCE IT.

But what-the-fuck-ever. It’s the internet. Nothing means anything and everything is probably a lie. So we’re keeping the name, as stupid as it is, even if it means less people pay attention to whatever weird bullshit we’re up to. To our loyal fans, who will stick by us no matter what, here’s a handy guide on how to pronounce this idiotic epithet. But really, we don’t care how you say it. Rhyme de’Lunula with ‘dumb lasagna’ if you really want.

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