Sculpture by Joe Dal-Pra at Modified

I don’t really have a pithy paragraph to put here. These are things that I saw over the weekend and I didn’t forget my camera this time or take really bad, blurry, low-light photos. Just look at the pictures and stop reading this. This is just a photo blog, let’s not try to make it something it’s not. You’re supposed to use your eyeballs and look at the things that are not words, hopefully for a long time, and that’s supposed to make our bounce-rate lower on this website. Not that we check that. We don’t even really know what that means. Bounce-rate. It sounds like some kind of parameter for rating strippers. But it’s not. It’s a lot less fun. However, these pictures are fun (we hope). Enjoy.

IMG_3918 copy

Painting by Sean Thomas next to the most attractive woman in the world at Modified


Sculpture by Joe Dal-Pra at Modified


Real subtle art. Not sure what this could mean. (at Eye Lounge)


Art and drunks at CASA Lounge in Tempe.


Stage at CASA Lounge in Tempe.


B-Side Magazine’s homemade, mobile infoshop at CASA Lounge in Tempe.


My SNES started glitching. It looked cool and I saw it this weekend so I’m including it.


World Class Thugs at Rhythm Room.


Reading the articles.


Packed house.


Why? Why? (Part of The Human Torch’s set)


A very special acoustic set by Drunk and Horny.

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