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Fathers Day – 'Disney World' (Music Video Premiere)

Fathers Day – ‘Disney World’ (Music Video Premiere)

Filmed at the Trunk Space just months before its closure, the video features the Dads destroying a bowling alley, lighting off fireworks, and smashing faces in cake.
No Volcano - 'The Long Game' (Music Video Premiere)

No Volcano – ‘The Long Game’ (Music Video Premiere)

De'Lunula Media, in partnership with Vanishing House Productions, are thrilled to present our latest visual offering: No Volcano's "The Long Game." A music video loosely based on "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" by Hans Christian Andersen, this ominous rabbit-hole trip combines shadow puppetry with taxidermic beetles and kaleidoscopic disasters.

Landshapes – “Moongee”

i don't remember why i liked this video but it was in the queue and i needed content so i published it. there are ducks and stuff in it. whatever.