2015 was a shitty year for movies. I didn’t like anything I saw, not even the latest Paul Thomas Anderson adventure. It didn’t fucking go anywhere! None of the characters were engaging! I hated Star Wars and I hated Hateful Eight, but if I bring this up to anyone in conversation somehow I’m the bad guy. It sucks because 2014 was a great year for film. Birdman, Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood, and Nightcrawler in one 365-day spin? Even Gone Girl was tolerable. The whole period was overwhelming! Why was 2015 such a fart then? It seriously made me reconsider my entire love for a medium of art and made me wonder if I was a fucking idiot for ever liking The Master.

But as long as I’ve been paying attention, there has NEVER been a bad year in music. Some years are better than others, but no years are bad. Here’s an album by Bright Light Social Hour that I somehow missed in 2015 until just now. If you feel bummed about last year, maybe it’ll cheer you up.

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