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You live in a bubble that is constantly getting smaller and smaller. You can unfollow the people you disagree with and you can delete the comments that call you out. You can surround yourself with what interests you, entertains you, or pleases you and nothing ever has to challenge you or make you doubt your beliefs. The more you allow your augmented reality, the internet, to reflect your ideal worldview, the smaller the bubble gets.

In your bubble, it is easy to be king. It is easy to be a good person and it is easy to make friends. It is difficult to be bored and rare that you are wrong.

Wait, where the fuck was I going with this? I swear, this was a really good post about social media or some shit. I can’t remember. Sorry I’m drunk. I’m lucky I’m even capitalizing my sentences. Well, maybe not that drunk. I think I’m at that drunk stage where I wish I was more drunk so I’m saying I’m drunk but really I’m not drunk. I think I’m just tired. Fuck. Bubbles. Pop them? I don’t know. Never mind.

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