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Wikipedia is the best website in the history of mankind and always will be. Why? Because I can just copy and paste something and it makes good content for my blog. This is great advice, too, about how to communicate. I was just researching about ‘stress‘ when I found this. It helps me cope. Why pay for therapy when you have Wiki? And that means my work here is done for the day. Fuck yeah. Learn something, bitches.

Communication is an important stress-management skill. Although this seems like an easy skill, there is much more to communication than simply speaking. In fact, communication can cause problems such as misunderstandings when not used effectively. When miscommunication happen there tends to be more problems, anger and resentment then if communication were effective in the first place. There are certain things that need to be done to achieve effective communication [47]

The first guideline is to be clear about is what is wanted or needed when speaking with others.

This technique requires the individual’s recognition of distorted and exaggerated expectations and thoughts.

An easy way to meet this guideline is by reflecting the purpose of the conversation in the statement. By reflecting what the desired outcome of the conversation is, there is little room for miscommunication.

The second guideline for effective communication is to use assertive communication.

An assertive statement is non-judgemental, expresses feelings and opinions and reaffirms perceived rights [47] One way to use the assertive technique is with manipulating the following formula: I feel [emotion], when you [the behaviour], because [explanation]. An alternative way, favored by proponents of non-violent communication, is to take an attitude that can be expressed by words like: I see [facts] and feel [emotion], because [need], and I ask [request].

When people are stressed, they cannot verbalize their feelings correctly. When the receiver in the conversation cannot understand the needs of the person, miscommunications happen and the person may feel victimized and blame others for not understanding. The third guideline is empathy which is defined as the ability to consider another person’s perspective and to communicate this perspective back to that person.

The final guideline to prevent misunderstandings when communicating while stressed is cognitive restructuring which facilitates assertive communication as it requires the person to identify their thoughts and feelings Some ways to restructure cognitively is by stopping and understanding what the conversation holds.

Breathing deeply as this will release any tension and promote relaxation which will allow you to reflect on the true emotions.

Reflecting on how you feel emotionally and how you feel immediately allow you to choose the right answer.

Choosing the more realistic and helpful way of thinking allows the communication to be straight forward and upfront leaving little room for miscommunication.

By following the above techniques and guidelines, the chance of a miscommunication in a conversation will decrease. Once the ability to communicate with assertive techniques is worked into everyday life, the frequency of misunderstandings will decrease significantly.

The importance of understanding how to communicate assertively is critical for daily life. With the knowledge of how to properly communicate, whether stressed or not, the ability to communicate will become easier and result in less misunderstandings and frustrations which can contribute to one’s stress [47]

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