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photo: Sebastian Stevenson

Hello there, desert dwellers! It has been a while since we have last spoken – indeed, I don’t believe we’ve met before now. Well, well, this is no matter. In this column, I’ll be mixing weird drinks together like a methed-out mad scientist. In this issue, I shall be sharing a recipe I concocted upon my travels and it is my firm belief that you will rather enjoy it.

This recipe is for a cocktail; I have no name for it beyond the Blueberry/Peach Cobbler.

It is a drink based upon a delicious dish I encountered in the northeastern portion of our country, specifically in the outskirts of Philadelphia. A kind, sweet Italian matron invited me to a family dinner on one occasion and having served us delicious food all evening, chose to continue in this behavior by serving us a remarkable dessert. She told us she was torn on whether to make a blueberry or a peach cobbler. Since both peaches and blueberries were on sale at the local supermarket, the kindly old lady said “to the devil with it!” and combined the two recipes.

This cobbler was so tasty, it nearly blew (blue) my mind. I am not a dessert person, dear reader, and indeed, I tend to spit and curse at the sweeter things in life. Alas, I never asked for the recipe, and I despaired at being able to recreate it, until one day I realized I have most of the ingredients in liquid form. That’s right, I speak of booze.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 parts blueberry vodka
  • 2 parts peach schnapps
  • 1 part black tea, cold
    OPTIONAL: blueberries and/or peach slices

Take all ingredients and pour them over a couple ice cubes in a nice glass (lowball or highball, it depends on the level of intoxication you prefer). That’s pretty much that. However, if you want to fancy it up, you could add blueberries and/or peach slices to your drink. This will definitely impress the males and females alike.

Voilá! The finished product!

Voilá! The finished product!

And the judges decide: A resounding victory! In my opinion, it tastes quite like a nice dessert. Be warned! Use too harsh of vodka and it will make the blueberry portion taste like a variety of cough medicine. Use too strange a peach liqueur and it probably will come out sickeningly sweet.

Madman, pseudo-psychologist, and itinerant mooch, Sebastian Stevenson is also a handsome Illyrian gentleman who wishes he owned a motorbike. Man, motorbikes are cool.

Got any weird drink mixes or recipes your stoned/drunk friends “invented” at two in the morning? Sail them on the high seas of the internet to [email protected] or leave them in the comments.

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