Sometimes you find yourself wishing for an alternate universe where Nicki Minaj wasn’t a inflated version of herself. Early in her career, she had a few songs that were aggressive and perhaps feminist, but it wasn’t long before she was Katy Perry 2.0 (minus the Candyland schtick). Some record exec rubbed a wad of Benjamins under her nose and shoved her in front of David LaChappelle’s camera and suddenly she forgot about having any message of substance. And that makes you sad inside.

But then you have Kali Uchis, a Columbian pop starlet that is as much MIA as she is Lana Del Rey. How does she have you listening to a Tyler, the Creator song in 2015 — is she going to unrelentingly revive your faith in him? How does she leave you wishing it was 1972? How are all her videos self-directed? How is she so sexy, yet self-respecting? How is any of this possible?

And maybe you glimpse the future, where Ms. Uchis pledges herself to the dollar as well, but for now, she gives you a minute of bliss.

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