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'Creatures 2' Will Haunt Your Dreams

‘Creatures 2’ Will Haunt Your Dreams

We sat down with NXOEED, the artist who curated Creatures 2, to ask him what was up. Our interview was so good we only needed to ask two questions. Look, we also have some selections of artwork too. Gawk at it.
Statement of the Kennel Killer

Statement of the Kennel Killer

It was kind of weird putting bodies in garbage bags. it’s not as easy as you would think, even though most of these animals were less than half my size. And corpses are floppy, which, when you’re trying to gracefully slide a creature that was just euthanized into a 40-gallon trash bag from Home Depot,...
Phoenix Has Its Own Superhero And He's Totally Awesome.

Phoenix Has Its Own Superhero And He’s Totally Awesome.

The 42 year old L.A. transplant dresses in all black and refuses to be photographed. He wears a mask when he paints live to hide his identity.