I fucking did it!

I am a terrible, terrible blogger when it comes to seasonal shit. I rarely ever get around to producing ‘content’ that ties in with some sort of holiday or party and I’m especially bad at anniversaries. 2015 is a nice, round year, so we’ve seen a lot of these anniversary-type posts, haven’t we?

For example, 1965. 1965 was a decent year probably. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. It’s been 50 years since anything in happened in 1965, so we get things like ‘It’s Been 50 Years Since The Voting Rights Act‘ and ‘50 Years Since Medicare Was Made‘ and ‘50 Years Since China Did Stuff In Tibet.’

Well, I am just the worst at this kind of blogging. I have never once written anything remotely resembling ‘It’s Been X Years Since [insert great achievement or terrible tragedy]’

Until now.

Friends, I am happy to report that it has been 30 years since Super Mario Bros. came out (in Japan). Yes, that’s right. It is September 13th, 2015 and Super Mario Bros. came out on September 13th, 1985. That is exactly 30 years! I AM ON TIME FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE WITH THIS POINTLESS SHIT!

Wow. 30 years huh. That’s a long time. That’s (slightly) older than me!

Hmm… I don’t actually have any other thoughts on the matter. It’s a video game. I’m sure it was influential. I still play Super Mario World and Super Mario 3 sometimes, but not really this one. In fact, the only reason I know this date is because I was accidentally reading about the game on Wikipedia.

Don’t ask me to insert or even bother to look up useless trivia about the game or try to be cute about it. I did my job. I hope I never have to do it again.


Fuck this shit.

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