This eagle crying blood represents the guilt of the innocent. (Via some cancerous website you don’t want to visit anyway.)

Oh shit readers, it’s September 12th! We forgot it was 9/11 yesterday! We said we’d NEVER FORGET and we went right ahead and did that, which is just a travesty.

Rush Limbaugh remembered and somehow tied it to Iran getting nuclear weapons or something. Donald Trump remembered to say something stupid on twitter and then delete it or something. Alex Jones remembered and was quick to remind us also that Bush did it or something.*

But from us? Not one single post exploiting a national tragedy for views, likes and shares. Unlike many who seized the ripe opportunity to bring attention to themselves on a day representative of death, war and the lingering smell of burnt flesh, we did not.

Oh, wait, we totally did post about 9/11. We forgot about that, actually. Haha, how ironic. We forgot that we didn’t forgot to remember about never forgetting 9/11! Wow! Silly us.

Our condolences go out to the families who are still reeling from this day of horror. Sorry that the memory of your lost loved ones is once again reduced to a commercialized, nationalistic holiday. See also: Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Anniversary, MLK Jr Day, etc.

*(We’re not going to provide links to them or give them any more attention, but a quick google will find what you’re looking for.)

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