Hello fair readers! I think I mentioned previously that I rather dislike desserts — nasty, nasty things, desserts are. However, while dreaming, I received a vision. It’s true, dear readers, and this reverie divulged to me a recipe for a new dessert-based drink. Make this drink, my dream commanded me, and thus I did, for who am I to disobey dream-visions?

I couldn’t think of a name, and my dream gave me no hint either, but after sipping the mixture, a close friend came up with a great one — The Mounds Cocktail!

So, the drink is fairly simple to make, but there are a couple key points that need to be remembered — heed my words well, dear reader.

For the recipe, you’ll need only three ingredients:

  • 1 part coconut rum
  • 1 teaspoon melted chocolate (chocolate chips work excellent)
  • 1 part milk OR alternative milk-like substance, ideally almond milk

Firstly, you’ll need to melt the chocolate. Any old bar of chocolate works fine — I used dark chocolate because that’s what I love. If you only have a dark chocolate bar, but don’t like dark chocolate, you can balance the flavor by adding more milk. This is the basic premise of milk chocolate anyway.


Here is the CAVEAT: do not overcook your chocolate! If you do it in the microwave, a few seconds is more than enough! If you happen to have melted chocolate lying around, like we do at Casa de’Lunula, it only needs around 6-7 seconds in the microwave.

Next, add your coconut rum. Stir well, and, mind you, it will take a few moments to get the chocolate to blend well with the rum.


Next, add milk. As mentioned, if it’s too bitter or harsh, add more milk. This is the basic premise of The Mounds Cocktail. If you don’t like or don’t have cow’s milk, use almond milk and make an Almond Joy cocktail instead!


And the judges decide: a decisive victory! It tastes exactly like liquified obscure Mars bars. Fortunately, we had many illustrious guests over the evening I had the vision regarding this cocktail, therefore more judges lent their approval. As it is a bit rich, I highly recommend it as a tasty desert drink after a nice light dinner.

Madman, pseudo-psychologist, and itinerant mooch, Sebastian Stevenson is also a handsome Illyrian gentleman who wishes he owned a motorbike. Man, motorbikes are cool.

Got any weird drink mixes or recipes your stoned/drunk friends “invented” at two in the morning? Leave them in the comments.

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