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No Volcano's 'Take My Chances' Is Our Grossest Music Video Yet (Premiere)

No Volcano’s ‘Take My Chances’ Is Our Grossest Music Video Yet (Premiere)

"This video is a statement about Obamacare and healthcare in Amerika," says Troy before sheepishly admitting, "not really, but if I say that maybe some conservative weblog will repost it."
No Volcano - 'The Long Game' (Music Video Premiere)

No Volcano – ‘The Long Game’ (Music Video Premiere)

De'Lunula Media, in partnership with Vanishing House Productions, are thrilled to present our latest visual offering: No Volcano's "The Long Game." A music video loosely based on "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" by Hans Christian Andersen, this ominous rabbit-hole trip combines shadow puppetry with taxidermic beetles and kaleidoscopic disasters.
No Volcano -- "New York Drugstore" (Video Premiere)

No Volcano — “New York Drugstore” (Video Premiere)

de'Lunula Media is proud to present our latest music video, featuring psychedelic disco heads, cross-dressers reading poetry backwards, and telephones.