De’Lunula done did ourselves a little redesign, courtesy of All Daily, LLC. We’re also revisiting some of our goals with this site. Maybe that interests you. Here are some things that we are planning.

We will channel the bizarre so you don’t have to.
Whatever makes us uncomfortable will definitely make you uncomfortable. Whatever we discover that makes us squirm or in awe, then we will pass that onto you. Some of our stuff will be cool, like On Blast, our new column by the wonderful Maggie Spear, but most of it will be incredibly strange, like our Screeners events, that we’ll still be doing periodically. Screeners 3 is coming in September, so look out for more details on that.

We wish to be anti-media.
Aren’t you tired of all the clickbait and dumb shit on the internet that somehow passes as journalism? We want to be the opposite of whatever that garbage is, even if we hesitate to call ourselves true journalists. We try not to care about shares, pageviews and all that other bullshit (it’s hard not to, but we do our best). If only ten people read a post, good, those ten people can be the only ones. That’s cool. Numbers are just numbers.

Here’s a good example: These PHX Comic Con Photos Don’t Have Any Cleavage In Them So You Probably Don’t Want To Look At Them Sorry. People only look at slideshows these days if they have tons of tits and ass in them. We don’t have to be that way and we don’t want to.

Also, yes, we’re aware no one can remember the name of this website, and sometimes we care, but most of the time, we don’t give a shit. We’re not changing the name. Write it down if you can’t remember it.

We won’t take ourselves too seriously.
Lately, some of our articles have been a little silly. See for example Don’t Let The Penis-Faced Saiga Antelope Die From The Sniffles and Why Every Guy Should Be Doing Kegels Right Now. If you don’t like our brand of humor, well, add your outrage to the unfillable cup of irritation known as the internet. People are too fucking sensitive these days. We don’t have time for tears.

That also means we reserve the right to break our own rules. Maybe we will post a bunch of titties or something with a title like “10 Ten Reasons You Should Click This Link Right Now Please Click It My Family Is Starving.” Who cares.

Fuck the internet. We’re gonna go outside more. Join us.
We’re going to continue to throw cool events, go urban exploring and start riots downtown. Stay tuned for more details on all that shit. (It might be a good idea to follow us on Facebook and Twitter maybe IDK).

But we want your participation. We’re accepting submissions for our blog, and hopefully, we can compensate you for your hard work. Send your stuff to delunula @ gmail . com k thanks.

That should be everything. Oh, also, you’re cute.

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