We’ve featured plenty of our own urban exploring, but this episode of Abandoniers! features urban explorers of yesteryear. Part of a compilation from French artist Thomas Mailaender, The Night Climbers Of Cambridge is a series of photographs from the 1930’s where bored university students tried to get on the roof of shit at their school.

These images will make you nostalgic for a time you were never a part of and find yourself sharing something in common with a generation almost a century before. Bet these folks liked drinking illegal booze and smoking weed, too.

Yeah, this is just recycled content, but these images are technically public domain and they’re cool to us so who gives a fuck. There are few books you can buy with these images. Or you can just stare at them on your tiny little iPhone screen while your boss isn’t looking like everyone else. We’re all just waiting to die.









Hat tip to Hyperallergic.

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