Hello, dear readers!

Today we shall add infusing to the list of excellent skills taught to you by we sages at De’Lunula. This is sure to delight both dinner guests and also the dumbass frat boys you invite over for beer pong every Saturday because you are a cretin at heart.

You will need:

  • Like half a bottle of some inexpensive gut-rot, preferably clear stuff (I used vodky)
  • 1 twinkie
  • 1 nasty cheese cracker thing that no one likes
  • some nuts  (I used walnuts, but you can’t use peanuts (because they are not a nut))


First, arrange your nasty assed white trash snacks on some fine china, like so:

y so fancy tho

y so fancy tho

Next, pour on your poor man’s drank. I used 8 dollar vodka. I’d put a couple ounces per item, but the twinker is very sponge like so you can pour like eight oz and it will suck it up and only grow stronger.

That's a healthy looking snack!

That’s a healthy looking snack!

Wait til the shit gets mushy and the vodka gets colored, and then eat it up yum.

Has my life really come to this?

Has my life really come to this?


And the judges decide: This tastes like shit. The twunkel tastes exactly like rubbing alcohol and the orange cheese cracker thing tastes like hydrogen peroxide. The walnuts taste just like walnuts and cheap booze.

why did i do this

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