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‘Enjoy Grand Avenue while you can,’ is what people tell me. Even if it takes fifteen, twenty years, it’ll eventually become like Roosevelt Row, an arts district that catches the eye of gentrifying developers who are currently turning Phoenix’s arts district into another copy of Mill Avenue. (In other words, corporatized and unaffordable for actual artists.) It is yet to be seen if the changes facing downtown will really drive out all the creatives who made it hip in the first place, but rising rent, high-end condo construction and more bullshit, including corporate art, are giving plenty of folks unease.

My philosophy has always been to embrace the present, so that’s what I did during Grand Ave Fest. Hosted by the Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation, whose stated mission is to ‘celebrate neighborhood sustainability, encourage creative recycling, highlight the arts, promote the small business community, and foster preservation and adaptive re-use of valuable neighborhood resources.’

GAF accomplishes all that, of course, but it’s a lot more fun than the manifesto makes it sound. GAF turns the colorful stretch of road between 7th Ave and 15th Ave into an even more vibrant than usual niche, the street filled with performance art, a parade, open-house exhibits, local musicians, food trucks and what-have-you. It’s like a block party for weirdos and DIY-types, and every year, multiple members of the community are brought together. We should do this more often.

This year was one of the bestest fests Grand Avenue has seen, so even if it’s all Starbucks and Urban Outfitters in a decade or so, it sure was pretty while it lasted. Here’s proof.

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5352

Stuffed animal sculptures by Beatrice Moore.

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grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5409 copy

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5358

Beatrice Moore.

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5363

Beatrice Moore.

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grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5366

Abe Zucca

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grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5376

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5382

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5384

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5392

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5393

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grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5400

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grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5402

Sculptures by Danielle Wood

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5403

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5405

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5406

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5407

grand ave fest 2015 IMG_5396

Troy Farah is a journalist from Phoenix. He has written for VICE, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times and others. His website is

Note: Sorry for the lack of credits here. Not many of these works were sourced. If you know the artist and would like to leave their name in the comments, we will update. -A.D.

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