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PHIXATIVE -- Ryan Avery's Disposable Love

PHIXATIVE — Ryan Avery’s Disposable Love

Ryan Avery is in more Phoenix bands than any of us can count and he's also doing something that, to most normal Valley suburbanites, seems pretty insane.
PHIXATIVE: Ryan Buchanan's Minolta Mélange

PHIXATIVE: Ryan Buchanan’s Minolta Mélange

Ryan Buchanan is a dude with a mustache from Mesa, Arizona, who also shoots lots of film on Minolta. These pictures are like, cool and stuff.
PHIXATIVE -- Marija Majerle's Lonesome, Introverted Wilderness

PHIXATIVE — Marija Majerle’s Lonesome, Introverted Wilderness

Don't create an image because you think other people will like it. Make images that you like and figure out why.
PHIXATIVE -- Decayed Antique Cars From Devon Christopher Adams

PHIXATIVE — Decayed Antique Cars From Devon Christopher Adams

If you want to learn how to be a true film photography, you need to start with the basics. Photography is writing with light.
PHIXATIVE -- Portland's Robbie Augspurger's Vintage Portraits Will Melt Your Panties

PHIXATIVE — Portland’s Robbie Augspurger’s Vintage Portraits Will Melt Your Panties

"Photography is in the heart, not in the hand."
PHIXATIVE -- Joe Obima's Faded Amerika

PHIXATIVE — Joe Obima’s Faded Amerika

Hailing from D.C., Joe Obima aims his 35mm camera at whatever bizarre subjects pass him by, hoping to "express a beautiful world full of spontaneity [that is] contiguous to one another."
PHIXATIVE - Joseph Abbruscato's Salton Sea Excursion

PHIXATIVE – Joseph Abbruscato’s Salton Sea Excursion

This week’s photos come from Joseph Abbruscato who slunk down to the Salton Sea in Niland, CA. He tries to make a yearly pilgrimage there to document the decay of the, well, decay.